Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerabilities are uncovered by hackers daily.  Our DDSEC vulnerability scanning solution will help safeguard your e-business and online assets by uncovering all possible network weaknesses and server vulnerabilities.  

Our solution covers the following areas:

  • Known vulnerabilities existing in network devices including firewalls and routers, servers, such as DNS, mail, ftp, web servers and proxy servers
  • Known security vulnerabilities for different network services running on Windows/Linux/Unix platforms  
  • Possible system administrator access from remote locations
  • Windows user control and management, password policies
  • File system integrity checking
  • Backdoor checking

This service provides a safe approach to determine the security level of your IT systems.  To ensure your IT systems are constantly secure and well protected, it is recommended to perform  vulnerability scannings on a regular basis. All scannings will be followed by comprehensive reports and recommendations to ensure that your IT systems will be kept safe and out of harm’s way.