Server and service monitoring

The DDSEC dedicated monitoring platform, with 24/7 non-stop server, service and network availability tests, will offer you reliable and on the fly notifications about your company’s network and servers’ status.

No matter whether you run a database, web, mail, ftp, DNS or any server, we will help you monitor its status. Leave the monitoring job to our automated service so that you may concentrate on other important things for your business.

Supported protocols:

  • Ping (ICMP): to ensure the server’s  connectivity to the Internet    
  • FTP (port 21): to ensure your users can download and upload files
  • SSH (port 22): to ensure secure remote administration is available
  • SMTP (port 25): to ensure incoming emails are accepted
  • DNS (port 53): to ensure domain names are being resolved correctly
  • HTTP (port 80): to ensure web pages are served correctly
  • POP3 (port 110): to ensure you are able to retrieve emails
  • IMAP (port 143): to ensure you are able to retrieve emails
  • HTTPS (port 443): to ensure secure web pages are served correctly
  • MySQL (port 3306): to ensure MySQL database server is running
  • PostgreSQL  (port 5432): to ensure PostgreSQL database server is running
  • Custom port: we can monitor any arbitrary service